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We are the connectors, and we make the connections that last. We are committed to connecting organizations with greater people. We specialize in connecting hiring managers with the highest-quality candidates. Our approach is to establish a true business relationship where we understand a business and its candidate’s needs and can offer end-to-end recruitment services.

We offer services to individuals and companies involved in businesses like transport and logistics, agriculture, real estate management, hospitality, accounting and finance, management, tour and travel, sales and marketing, construction, legal, manufacturing, medicine, mechanics, education, research, and non-government organizations.

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There are various ways that an employee can display bad attitudes in the work place. Each employer can self asses what behavior they may think equates to bad attitude, but we arejust going to list some examples.  

Examples of negative attitudes in the workplace can include an employee consistently coming late, carelessly performing tasks, laziness, rudeness, erratic or aggressive behavior towards other employees or management, spreading or creating rumors that threaten a positive workplace culture, poor collaboration with others, a lack of teamwork, being selfish when completing tasks, arrogance about performance, stubbornness by not taking ideas or advice from anyone, gossiping, taking credit for other people’s work, misusing privileges, and constantly being on the phone or laptop for personal use when in a meeting or when working can also be examples of negative attitudes.

To apply for any job, come with the following requirements – National Id Copy, Academic Documents, CV, 2Passport Photos & 2 Relatives’ National Id Copies. Only vacists are exempted from National Ids, but must have parents/guardians’ Ids

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Direct phone calls – 0701045118 / 0774784382

There are no charges for all available jobs. We are open from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. You can apply for more than one job at the same time as long as you qualify for each one. 

Female washing bay manager (1), 300,000 + lunch, and female washing bay cashier (1) – 200,000 + lunch – Car wash guys (8) – Kyebando Nsooba – Must be from nearby places. Call 0703623784

A security supervisor for a security company must have his own motorcycle. and must have experience in field supervision. must have a smartphone. Computer knowledge; at least A level – 500,000 and a monthly bike service allowance; Below 50 – NTINDA
Male control room attendant for a security company, not beyond 50 years old, and must have security job-related experience with computer knowledge as a must – 500.000 – NTINDA

Male real estate manager to handle property management in an estate with an accounting background; – Either A level or diploma holders only; – 500.000 – No experience required. Kajjansi and must be from areas nearby. 

Female Hotel cashier with at least a diploma experience in accounting to balance cash, process payments, accounting money, and record expenses for each customer – 400,000 + Lunch + Tp – Nkumba. Candidates should be coming from surrounding areas

Male Book Keeper with experience and a degree/diploma in a related course able to prepare payroll and NSSF, file tax returns, and perform bank reconciliations, and able to use QuickBooks and Efris – 800,000 – Namanve

Female accountant with experience in Tally and Efris and at least a diploma in accounting and finance to do bookkeeping – 600,000 + Lunch – Namanve

Internal auditor with 2-3 years experience and a degree/diploma in a related course to ensure that the company has accurate accounting throughout the year – 1.300,000 + Lunch + Airtime – 7th street, Industrial area

Male Sales Supervisor with 2-3 years experience in Sales Management Position and in building materials like ceramics to manage, supervise, coordinate, and serve the sales process, and assist the sales manager to formulate and implement a comprehensive sales strategy, sales plan, and customer management – 1,000,000 + Lunch + Airtime – 7th street, Industrial area

Sales Officer 3 years experience in Building materials and a degree/diploma to market and sell Company products – 1000,000 + Lunch + Airtime – 7th street, Industrial area

Male Boda rider with experience and a riding permit to deliver and do marketing using company’s motorcycles – 350,000 + Lunch + Tp – 7th street, Industrial area

Male Cleaners with experience and ability to use pressure machine, hand drill, scrubbing machine, and a vacuum cleaner – 300,000 + Lunch + Tp – Kitende

Female Accounts Assistant with experience and a diploma/degree in accounting  and finance to supply administrative support to accountants – 600,000 + Lunch – Zana

Male quantity surveyor with 3-4 years experience and a degree/diploma in a related field to manage the costs relating to building and engineering projects – 1,800,000 + lunch – Zana

Inventory Manager / Stores Manager with 3 years experience and a degree in a related field to count all items in stock, analyze inventory records and delegate tasks to a team of inventory clerks – 700,000 + 20,000 + Lunch – Buloba

Female procurement assistant with experience and at least a diploma in procurement and logistics to source and buy products and services for the company – 350,000 + 5,000 daily – Wandegeya

Cleaners to be trained to clean offices, homes, and apartments – 200,000 + Lunch – Kyaliwajjala

Public Relations Officer with 5 years experience in a related field and a bachelor’s degree in mass communication to maintain communication between the company and the public, clients, investors, and customers, and also manage an organization’s public image and reputation. – 1,000,000 + 15,000 + Lunch + Tp – Buloba

International Business Incharge with 4 years experience and a degree in a related course to administer all branch operations and develop appropriate marketing strategies to enhance growth – 1,200,000 + 15,000 + Lunch + Tp – Buloba

Female & Male Manager with experience in a related field and a hotel/restaurant background to oversee day-to-day operations in the restaurant – 800,000 – 1,000,000 + Meals + Tp – Nakasero

Loans Officers with experience in a related field to update account records and review loan files – 300,000 + Lunch – Ntinda

Sales Representative with experience in a similar field and a certificate/diploma in preferably IT to generate and pursue sales leads and meet or exceed planned sales targets – 400,000 + Lunch – Bweyogerere

4 female corporate drivers with at least an A-level certificate and a Class B driving permit and able to communicate in English. Will only be working from 6 am – 9 am and 3 pm-7 pm. They are free to do their own stuff between 9 a.m. and 3 pm – 600.000 – Must be from areas along Gaba Rd.

Female finance assistant with five years of experience and a diploma (Bachelors holders only) to monitor cash in hand and bank deposit slips, plus validating the balancing sheet by reconciling the posted ledgers. – 2,000,000 + lunch + TP & 15.000 allowance daily – Buloba

Male internal auditor with 4-5 years of experience and a diploma (Bachelors holders only) to obtain, analyzing, and evaluate all accounting documentation, previous reports, data, flowcharts, etc. 2,000,000 + Lunch + TP – & 15.000 allowance daily – Buloba

Male restaurant gardener, responsible for cutting the lawn and maintaining plants and shrubbery in order to ensure attractive and well-maintained premises. and keeping grounds clean, free of garbage and debris – Kololo – 300.000 + Lunch & Tp

Hotel supervisor with 3 years of work experience and hotel-related qualifications to supervise a team of staff and ensure staff are managed efficiently and meet targets – 500.000 + Lunch & Tp – Namugongo

Male boutique attendants with experience making counter sales and attending to customers- 250,000 + Lunch – Kabalagala

Fumigators with experience in treating specific kinds of pests or large-scale infestations – 300,000 + Lunch – Kyaliwajjala

 Restaurant Chef with experience to prepare West African dishes – 500,000 + Meals – Wandegeya

Female route sales girls with experience in a related field to sell and deliver products to clients using company vehicles. – 300,000 + Lunch + Tp – Makindye

Female accountant with experience in the pharmaceutical sector and a degree/diploma in accounting and finance to oversee and manage daily accounting and finance functions, including the timely recording of transactions, cash management, payroll, inventory management, the advances ledger, and payables. Maintain records of annual subscriptions – 700,000 + Lunch + Tp – Makerere, Kavule 

 Male Boda Rider with experience and class A permit to deliver company items – 400,000 + Lunch – Bukasa

 Production Videographer with at least 2 years of experience in video production, with a strong portfolio of work that showcases your skills and creativity to Plan and execute all aspects of video production, including camera work, lighting, and sound recording – 1,000,000 + Lunch + Tp – Kampala, near Grand Imperial 

Male restaurant bouncers with experience to provide security and safety – 500,000 + Meals + Tp – Nakasero

Assistant sales executive with experience in a related field to supervise and guide the sales team, as well as provide incentives to motivate staff to achieve sales targets. – 1,000,000 + Lunch + Commission – Jinja

Female shop attendant with experience in a related field and a certificate or diploma in fashion and design—400,000 + lunch – Bukoto candidates should be coming from nearby areas.

 Male Boda Rider with experience and a riding permit to deliver items and work in company stores — 350,000 – Mon-Sat Nakasero

 School Headteacher (any gender) with experience and a diploma/degree in primary education to monitor the student’s overall learning process and manage and evaluate the performance of school staff — 1,200,000 + Other benefits will be discussed with the employer.

 Marketing and sales officer able to ride a motorcycle with experience to contribute to the implementation of marketing strategies – 300,000 – 5500,000 + Lunch – Kyaliwajjala

Male Continental Chef with experience preparing continental dishes – 400,000 meals + accommodation – Nankuwadde, Masanafu

Female chef with experience to prepare local and fast food dishes—450,000 + meals – Kansanga

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As a candidate, you will receive feedback on your application and how to improve yourself. We want you to succeed. We’ll always help with whatever queries you may have. Whether it’s about your CV or interview questions, we will be there to guide you. It’s great to have someone communicating with the employer on your behalf. By using Muto Consults, you can concentrate on other important things.

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