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15 Reasons to Date a nursing assistant

Your own crush is actually a nursing assistant. We say end nursing that crush — pardon the pun — and ask him/her around!

Here are 15 reasons why you should date a nursing assistant:

1. Nurses are thoughtful and diligent, and they are typically great listeners.

2. Nurses are super-smart. In case you are into both minds and beauty, your day can deliver.

3. Fed up with breastfeeding that hangover? Allow an authentic nursing assistant work their feel-better secret.

4. Nurses have experienced systems of size and shapes — and witnessed every kind of bodily function possible. Your insecurities and the body quirks will likely leave your own date unfazed.

5. No waiting in line. You will get an instant analysis any time you believe according to the climate.

6. The uniform. It isn’t really only beautiful on Halloween. (Translation: those scrubs just look so attractive and cozy.)

7. Remarkable nerves. Nurses remain relaxed and accumulated in pretty stressful circumstances. You wish to be matchmaking a nurse in times during the emergency and chaos.

8. Nurses work long hours. If you desire only a little only time, a nursing assistant’s crazy routine might fit you merely great. (In addition, with odd several hours come odd go out occasions.  Monday afternoon might end up being the new tuesday night.)

9. Nurses make great potential moms and dads. No pressure or any such thing.

10. You’ll be secure. Date a nursing assistant and also you’ve got immediate access to CPR, safety information and disease-prevention ideas.

11. Awesome “How was every day?” stories. Nurses have unlimited stories of patient and/or medical practitioner crisis.

12. You are going to begin to understand the medical jargon on the favorite medical dramas.

13. Nurses will cherish your own thoughtful motions. They give to others all the time and that can usually feel unappreciated.

14. Nurses comprehend selflessness, one of several key ingredients to proper commitment.

15. The go out conserves lives. That’s brag-worthy.


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